This new house is situated on a south facing hill not far from the predominantly red-brick town of Dundalk, Co Louth. The house is compact and embedded into the hillside. Its massing derives from the conglomerate forms of traditional rural buildings nearby.

The house is arranged with the primary living spaces leading off a central courtyard, and with full height sliding doors the internal corner can be entirely opened up to the south-westerly views of the meadows below.

High-level rooflights bring morning east light deep into the dining area providing soft warm light into the living areas all day long.

Photography: Aisling McCoy / Declan Scullion

ISO Blackrock.png
SCULLION Architects-winter-entrance road.jpg
SCULLION Architects-meadow-winter.jpg
SCULLION Architects-meadow-winter-side.jpg
SCULLION Architects-winter-entrance.jpg
SCULLION Architects-side elevation.jpg
SCULLION Architects-entry porch.jpg
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SCULLION Architects-living room-dining table.jpg
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SCULLION Architects-kitchen.jpg
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SCULLION Architects-entrance-evening.jpg
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