In association with Bennetts Associates, London

The E3 Learning Foundry was an open invitation to Architect-led Design Teams for a new state-of-the-art 6,000 sqm facility on the main Trinity campus in Dublin city centre. Scullion Architects in association with Bennetts Associates London were one of the 8 shortlisted entries selected from applicants comprising design teams from all across the globe.

The aim was to deliver an innovative and interactive learning space for undergraduate and postgraduate students alike and formulate a new kind of educational experience focusing on collaborative, project-based work in the Engineering, Energy and Environment disciplines.

As part of our proposal, the east end of the campus is reorganised into a communal landscape with better defined entrances to principal buildings and E3 at the centre of the site. New openings in existing buildings link this shared terrain with the wider campus and help integrate the new central square with its context.

A crucible space sits at the heart of the proposal and is formed by the ground plane of the communal landscape; the crucible is a natural arena for discourse and learning flows below a simple volume of teaching spaces. The dipping landscape opens up views into the shared commons spaces at the centre of the building and promotes deeper light penetration.

Project Team: Scullion Architects with Bennetts Associates, Arup, Cundall, Gustafson Porter + Bowman

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